Sunday, June 7, 2009

Sorry it's been so long

Hey everybody, it's Caedmon. It's been a long time. Mio has decided to take it easy for a while and has been getting mats for the guilds upcoming start at Naxx. I've been super busy, along with Arat, in this down time and we've been really pushing ahead as you can see! Times have been interesting with many quests into BRD as a group and sometimes with help from a big bad 80.

I don't know if you can see Aerosrogue but he's there on the arm. I kinda feel bad for Moira, but she is a dwarf.....Anyway, I've had my hearth set in Shat for a good long time but I only did it out of convenience, I never went exploring, I would have died. So my first step through the Dark Portal was amazing! Anyway, adventure calls. I'll make sure Arat stops by and tells you want she's been going through. For me, the Cenarian expedition has been nice enough to late me stay here over night in Zangarmarsh as long as I do some chores, like killing Hydras and collecting random plant pieces. See ya later!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Forays into the old dungeons

Lately, Mio and I (Mal, obviously) have been trying our hands at some old world dungeons, along with the help of our good friends Ranoe and Luminaya. Ranoe is surely handy to have around, since he tanks with his big bear face and all, and we know we can always trust Luminaya to heal us no matter the situation. Since we hit level 60 long after our people had made their way into Outlands, Mio and I had never had a chance to fight in any of these dungeons before.

First, we fought that legendary dragon, Onyxia. I knew of other fighters of the Horde who had bested her before, and had heard the tales of her terrible strength, so I braced myself as the four of us snuck into her lair. Little did I know that with the four of us at level 80, she would fall within only a few minutes! I managed to steal one of her teeth and put it on a pendant as a trophy, though these days it's not nearly as powerful as it would have been back in the good old days.

Our next old-world mission was to sneak into Molten Core through Blackrock Depths, so Mio could tame a corehound. He has always loved corehounds, and waited hours and hours to tame the Kurken, that unique corehound in far-away Azuremyst Isle, the first moment he was able to. Unfortunately, he had to let his first corehound go, but he found himself wanting some two-headed companionship once again. This time, instead of the fluffy puppy of doom, he wanted the drooling dog of fire. The giants in Molten Core were surprisingly strong, testing our four level 80 abilities in a dungeon that used to require a team of 40 well-geared fighters, but we found a giant fiery corehound after only a few minutes. Mio brought it to him and worked his magic like only a hunter can. The next thing we knew, the giant dog had shrunk down to pet size and was ready to pant behind Mio and follow him wherever he went. Mio was so proud! He named the corehound Houlihan after Hot Lips Houlihan that he heard about as a child. I don't think the original Houlihan had fire streaming from her mouth, but what do I know?

Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Dwarf, The Legend

So as I was grabbing supplies in Dal for a raid (that later would just not happen) I saw this giant colorful wasp fly in, and its name caught my eye. I recognized the pet and looked around frantically for its owner. As I looked down there he was, the great hunter legend BigRedKitty. Now I'm the first cow that you could come to for a good game of gnome punting and fun time picking on the shorter inhabitants of Azeroth, but that dwarf is the reason that I've become the hunter I am today. I have nothing but the utmost respect for BRK and would turn on a fellow hordie to protect the legend who has helped form so many hunters, like me, for the better. So of course I had to chase him down to get a photo. Please pardon my fanboydom but come on now IT'S BIGREDKITTY!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Hopping through the Garden

Hey everybody! After a long break the cow is back to talk about his favorite things, holidays! Ever since I found out I could get a protodrake out of the deal I've been staying on top of the achievements. I figured why keep my wealth of knowledge to myself? I should share it with everyone! The current holiday is Noble Garden and this cow worked his tail off to get it done in one day. So let the passing of knowledge begin!

Egg gathering: Ok this will be grindtastic and challenge even the most gentle priests to stop themselves from wanting to punch people for stealing their eggs. The best place I have found to farm eggs is Falcon Wing around the fountain. There are some areas where you can stand in place and have three eggs in grabbing range. I highly recommend having auto loot on as it will you able to grab eggs much faster. Also try playing during off peak hours, many more eggs for you and only you.

Chocolate spending: Now unlike other holidays with bad drop rates you can buy items from the holiday vendor. Now I don't recommend doing this with the dress and tux pieces because you need to get them from eggs for the achievements. What I would suggest is besides spending 100 of them on the rabbit, is to spend another 50 on the bouquet of flowers. I opened over 200 eggs and didn't get it so that helped me. I got everything else I needed except for the rabbit and an extra egg (which costs 5 chocolates) to hide in Silvermoon. You will most likely get multiples of all the other clothing.

Run Rabbit Run: The part I had the most difficultly with was laying the egg in Un'goro Crater. I'm not sure if I did it right but I know you can't take any damage in bunny form or you will lose it. I recommend using Tracker Snacks, this way you can run through areas and stay away from beasts that may want to eat you. Also the biggest thing I can recommend is to look for eggs in Bloodhoof until you get the bunny buff, it's makes for the shortest run.

So those are the tips I can give you for the holiday. I was able to knock it all out in a single day with just a bunch of grinding and a few failed bunny hops to Un'goro. You can figure the rest out yourself, good luck! At least you got 4 lucky rabbits feet to help you along.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Wrath Gate Adventures

Hello everyone! Did you miss your favorite orc rogue while I was away? (Yes, this is Mal.)

Recently, I was running around and questing with our newest active guildie, Kelindra, as she made her way through Dragonblight. She happened to ask if I had gotten the chance to do the quest line leading up to the Wrath Gate event, and I said that I hadn't. Kel immediately insisted that I had to see it! We promptly finished off the quests that sent us up to the Wrath Gate in northern Dragonblight, where we saw something that changed our world forever.

I couldn't believe it! Just when we thought we had made some progress against the Scourge, Grand Apothecary Putress dropped some vile green plague onto the mass of Alliance and Horde forces, killing everyone in moments. To make things worse, Saurfang the Younger, son of the great Saurfang, was killed in one shot by Arthas. I can't say any more because it quite simply took my breath away! In the aftermath of the slaughter, we were sent to Warsong Hold back in Borean Tundra. I hadn't been back there since I was a mere 72 levels old. When we spoke with Overlord Agmar, he sent us to Undercity, where the battle began. We carried the flags of our people and fought at our warchief's side against the evil who had overtaken the Undead's home city. We were very proud of how well we fought, for not only did we survive, we killed many, many of our enemies. We can only hope that it made a difference.

I have really enjoyed going back to the parts of Northrend that I missed and helping Kel work through all her quests. There was one moment, though, that took me by surprise. We were on top of Wyrmrest Temple, and had just reported on our progress to the officials at the top of the spire. I mounted up onto my gorgeous horse that I stole from the Headless Horseman back during Hallow's End, when I saw tiny Kel leap from the edge with no mount! I panicked and flew down to her, only to see her gliding gracefully down to the ground. I called out to her and she assured me not to worry, since mages have a special ability that lets her jump from any height without getting hurt at all. Well, how was I supposed to know? Rogues can jump off of high places without getting hurt too badly, but there is no way I could have survived that jump. I followed Kel down to the ground on my horse, then gave her a good guilt-trip for making me worry. I neglected to mention that I was jealous and wanted to be able to do it myself!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

The Love Fools

So a little earlier in the week Sparky and I were talking over a pony keg after a heroic and he was telling me about his old guild. Apparently, in his old guild, they changed their tabard to correspond with the current holiday. I thought this was a fantastic idea! I also thought it might get us more noticed around Dal. So after we sobered up a bit I ran over to the tabard designers in Org and came up with the design for the next few days. Sure it costs gold to change it but it's a fun idea. So if you see use around Azeroth give us a wave. Just wait until the next holiday and see what we can come up with.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Bad things will happen

The animals in the sewers are plotting together.....I'm scared....